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2000L commercial used insulated steam heating beer brewing machine

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2000L commercial used insulated steam heating beer brewing machine

2019-04-09 22:22:16


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Production information


Basic information of brewhouse

1.The brewhouse contains four functions,mash,lauter,boiling and whirlpool.You can combine the functions in two tank or three tank freely.And we usually add a hot liquid tank and cold water tank to improving mashing efficiency.

2.Heating method,there are electric heating,steam heating and gas heating.For 1000L beer saccharifyingsystem,we often recommend steam heating.

Technical parameter

Useful capacity:26hL,total capacity:20hL

Heavy duty false botton with pillar support system

Fully insulated vessel

SS CIP High-flow rotary spray ball with 360 degree of coverage

Interior light

Sparge ring assembly

Top mahway(tempered glass)

Side manway for spent grain out

Gap of the sieve is 0.7mm

automatic spent grain removable system

Other component

1.SUS Plate heat exchanger

2.VFD motor of rake/agitator.VFD motor of wort pump


4.ABB/Siemens motor


6.Oxygen system


8.Grist&mash in system

9.Yeast feedder

Some details

Sieve plate: The sieve plate is 20 mm above the bottom of tank. The opening width is 0.5 mm to 0.7 mm.

Raker:  When spent grain are squeezed together. the raker will rotate  to loosen the spent grains and increase the filtration speed.

Agitator:The requirement of the agitator is avoid local overheating, causing anxious burnt and affecting the taste of the wort and the beer.

Side manhole:It is used to remove spent grain.When the raker turn foreward,its function is a raker.When the raker turn reverse,its function is automatic spent grain removable.

2/3 vessels stainless steel or red copper brewhouse

Fermentation tank

Basic information of fermentation tank

The fermentation vessel is equipped with a separate cooling zone that can be individually controlled and fully insulated. Includes CIP tube and cleaning head. The materials and surface treatment used depend on the intended application and customer specifications.

Technical parameter

Stainless steel 304 sanitary construction

100% TIG welded and sanitary polished

Design pressure is 0.3MPa,using pressure is 0.15MPa

4 heavy duty stainless steel legs with adjustable height and leveling footpads

Interior:stainless steel 304,thickness 3mm

Interior treatment:Mirror polishing

Outerior:stainless steem 304,thickness 2mm

Jacket:stainless steel 304,thickess 1.5mm

Insulation:100mm Polyurethane

60 degree conical bottom

Heat exchanger area:5.89m2

Side mahole

Accessories on tank

Temperature sensor

Pressure guage

Machinery regulator

Breathing valve

Hops adding hole

Simple valve

Raking arm

carbonation stone

Conical fermentation tank



Caustic tank

Sterilization tank

CIP pump

Insulation CIP tank

CIP cleaning system


Breaker Roll Type;

Adjustable mill degree;

Ratio of Magnetic Metal Material:≤0.003g/kg

Doule roller stainless steel or carbonation steel miller

Control board


Semi-automatic control or automatic control

All of the element is Omron/Schneider/Siemens



1.We can produce the equipment as customers' requirement,

2.our engineer will help you design a suitable brewing program

3.We provide competitive price and prompt delivery.

4.We take charge the whole production process.


1.18 months warranty,all life service

2.we dispatch our engineer to all the customers.

3.Spare parts will be sent out in 24hours after payment finished.

4.The spare parts are free offered in the warranty period of machine.

All of our equipment have obtained TUV certificaion.If you have interest,please get in touch with me freely.




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