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12BBL 3-vessel commercial steel craft beer brewhouse for sale

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12BBL 3-vessel commercial steel craft beer brewhouse for sale

5/22/2019 2:40:37 AM


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                                     12BBL PLC automatic beer brewery

What are included in the set of 12BBL brewery system

*  200-250kg/h malt miller with malt auger system if needed

*  1200L combined type of steam heating beer brewhouse with 2400L hot water tank

*  15 square meters of plate heating exchanger

*  PLC touchable oversize b

*  6 pieces of 2400L beer fermentation tank and 3 pcs of 1200L fermenter

*  Yeast dosing tank

*  2 pieces of 1200L bright beer tank/ serving tank/ mature tank

*  2 pcs of 10HP chiller

*  1 pc of 2000L glycol water tank plus 2000L cold water tank

*  100L automatic wheeled CIP system

*  Integrated control box

*  Accessories such as pumps, valves, pipes, wort hose, etc...

*  Since our brewery system is custom built, so we can design it according to customer's individual requests.

Main specifications of 12BBL brewery system

*  Food grade stainless steel 304

*  Thickness of inner shell: 3.0mm    outer shell: 2.0mm      jacket:1.5mm

*  ABB motor for wort pump

*  ABB/SEW motor for raker and blender

*  PLC automatic control method

*  Mirror polishing inside

*  Jacket pressure: less than 3 bars

*  PU insulated   thickness: 100mm

*  Steam heating method (Gas and electric as option)

*  Skid proof working platform

Detailed pictures

VFD malt raker with automatic spent grain discharging system

                                Optimal piping design for fermentation system

                                          View of top of fermentation tank

                                              The state of the art welding technique

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